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Shrimp Basket


Eight large, lightly battered shrimp lightly seasoned with Old Bay served with fries, curly fries, Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, or tots.

Shrimp Seasoning (Select 1):Old Bay No Old Bay
Dipping Sauce For Shrimp (Select 1):Cocktail Sauce Tarter Sauce
Choice of Side (Select 1):Fries +$0.00Curly Fries +$0.00Tater Tots +$0.00Sweet Potato Fries +$0.00Waffle Fries Onion Rings +$3
Dipping Sauce Option (Select 1):Ranch Petal Ketchup Cinnamon Butter
Additional Dipping Sauce (Optional):Petal +$0.99Ranch +$0.99Ketchup +$0.99Cinnamon Butter +$0.99
"Loaded" Potato (Optional) Bacon and Cheese:Bacon and Cheese +$2.50

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