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Sauced Up Chicken Sandwich


Our Delicious Crispy Chicken Filet tossed in your favorite wing sauce Served with fries, curly fries, waffle fries, sweet potato fries or tots and your choice of toppings, cheese, tomato, and pickles.

Topping Choice (Optional):Tomato Pickles Mayo Onions Lettuce
Sauce Flavors (Select 1):BBQ Buffalo Mild Buffalo Medium Carolina Gold BBQ Dog Bite Sauce (Spicy Honey Garlic) Honey Sriracha Habanero Mango Honey Old Bay Jamaican Jerk Kickin' Bourbon BBQ Nashville Heat Old Bay Hot Sauce Parmesan Garlic Spicy Garlic Buffalo Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sweet Red Chili and Glaze (Asian Sauce) Tangy Sweet and Sour (chunks of pineapple, diced Tomatoes, Green Pep and Onions) Teriyaki Thai Sweet Chili
Cheese Options (Optional):American +$0.99Cheddar +$0.99Provolone +$0.99Pepper Jack +$0.99Swiss +$0.99
Choice of Side (Select 1):Fries Curly Fries Tater Tots Sweet Potato Fries Waffle Fries Onion Rings +$3
Dipping Sauce Choice For Side (Select 1):Ketchup Ranch Petal Sauce Cinnamon Butter
"Loaded" Potato (Optional) Bacon and Cheese:Bacon and Cheese +$2.50
Additional Dressings and Dipping Sauces (Optional $):Ranch +$0.99Petal Sauce +$0.99Ketchup +$0.99Cinnamon Butter +$0.99

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