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Big Dog Treats - Take-Out Menu

Quesadillas - Price Varies

12" Grilled Tortilla Stuff with Choice of Only Cheese, Chicken, or Steak, and Fiesta Cheese. Choices of Mild Buffalo, Buffalo, Fajita Mix, Old Bay. Choice of Dipping Sauces. 

Choice Of Quesadilla:Cheese +$5Chicken +$7.99Steak +$7.99
Add Ons and Take Offs:Fajita Mix (seasoned Onions, yellow, red, and green peppers) +$2Bacon (2oz cup) +$2Green Peppers Only Onions Only Old Bay Mild Buffalo Buffalo Bang Bang Sauce(House Sauce) +$1.50
Quesadilla Dipping Sauce:Ranch Bang Bang Sauce +$1.50Buffalo Sauce Mild Buffalo Sauce Sour Cream +$0.99Salsa
Additional Quesadilla Dipping Sauces:Ranch +$0.99Sour Cream +$0.99Buffalo +$0.99Mild Buffalo +$0.99Bang Bang +$0.99Salsa +$0.99
Choice of Side :Fries +$2.50Curly Fries +$2.50Tater Tots +$2.50Sweet Potato Fries +$2.50Waffle Fries +$2.50Onion Rings +$3
Dipping Sauce Choice For Side (Select 1):Ketchup Ranch Petal Sauce Cinnamon Butter

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